What brand of paint do you use?

We use Benjamin Moore paints. But, we can also use Kelly Moore or Sherwin Williams paints if you prefer. They are all name brand paints and all make very good products.

When choosing a paint, is important to not just know the BRAND of paint being used, but also the LINE or GRADE of paint being used. All paint manufacturers carry multiple lines of paint, from low-end “contractor” grade paint, to high-end paints.

We specify on our quotes not just the brand, but also the line of paint being used. For example, “Benjamin Moore – BEN” or “Benjamin Moore – REGAL” paints. We also give you the option of using higher grade paints than what are quoted. We charge you only for the cost difference in the paint.

Is it cheaper if I buy paint?

No. We have contractor pricing discounts at all major paint manufacturers. So, we can purchase the paint at a lower cost than homeowners.

Do I need to be home during the entire painting project?

No. You may if you choose, but you certainly don’t have to be. Some of our customers leave us with a key or code for us to enter/exit the house while they are gone and some prefer that they are home the entire time. Whatever works best for you.

Do you help me choose colors?

Yes. Choosing colors can sometimes be the most difficult part of painting. We offer free color consultations once you decide to use our services. That color consultation includes not only selecting the colors, but sampling the colors on your home so you can see in different lighting and in different spaces.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes. We are licensed, bonded, insured and carry workman’s comp insurance. Copies of each can be provided upon request.

Is it safe for me to sleep in the house while painting is going on?

Yes. We use only water based paints. California has very strict requirements on the amount of harmful chemical content in paints used (VOC’s). Nearly all paint that we use is either low or no VOC paint. Please ask if you have any concerns or respiratory issues and we can explain in more detail based on the paints being used for your specific project.

How do you ensure the paint will not chip or flake off when painting cabinets?

The preparation process is the most critical step in the painting process. We clean, sand and prime as part of that preparation process. Those three steps ensure that the paint applied binds properly to your cabinets. Most of the time when you see cabinet paint flaking or peeling prematurely, it is because one or more of those preparation steps has been skipped.